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A Pricing Break!

Unfortunately with the rising cost of EVERYTHING here, especially gasoline, I have had to adjust my prices to help compensate the added expense that being an on-location phtoographer can bring.  I’ve had a few recent inquiries for sessions and those people received the newest (and highest!) pricing.  I know it can be difficult to come...

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Curly top

I was so excited when I saw these curls! Lucky for us, we had a windy day, so we got a windblown look with those gorgeous blond curls!
Miss C, I had a fun time chasing you yesterday! You should come play again soon!

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National Champions!

I know at least one client of mine is doing a happy dance this morning!
Go Jayhawks!!!

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There is a Difference

between Catherine Keene Photography and Sears, Kids Shots, Portrait Innovations, etc…

Do you enjoy standing in line for a photograph for OVER AN HOUR with a screaming child?
Do you take pride in the fact that your child is photographed by someone with 2 weeks of training to use a camera on automatic settings?
Do you get excited...

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Women in Film

This was posted on a photography forum I visit. I thought it was really neat to see how our sense of beauty and fashion have changed over the years – and also – how it hasn’t changed.

glumbert – Women in Film

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C K P   o n   F a c e b o o k
S p e c i a l   O f f e r s
T h e   L a t e s t   T w e e t s